Technical skills

Languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, Bash, JavaScript, Perl, C#, C++, Ruby
Web Mission Critical: MVC Architecture, OOP, Apache, nginx, AJAX, REST, CRUD, SOAP, Responsive design/development, git, SVN, Capistrano, Phusion-Passenger (nginx)
Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, replication/standby/PITR, design, normalization, tuning, troubleshooting
Software: Puppet, VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere, VMware VSA, Asterisk (+scripting), Zenoss, Nagios, Londiste3, Splunk, M/Monit, Veeam
Systems: RHEL/Centos 5+, Debian/Ubuntu 12+, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7/XP, Software-Defined Radios, IP-RAN
TCP/IP: DNS, SNMP, DHCP, routing, SSH Tunnels, Site-to-Site VPN (SSTP, L2TP/IPSec), PPP, MLPPP, VLAN, Subnetting, WAN configurations (failover), RADIUS, Firewall ACL/NAT/IDP, NFS, NAS, Active Directory, packet sniffing, Cisco IOS, DD-WRT, Group Policy, Open LDAP/ 389 Directory Server, thorough understanding/experience with CDMA/GSM protocols
Hardware: switches, routers, firewalls, UPS, servers, RAID, link aggregation, network/server failover configurations, enterprise hardware reconfiguration/upgrades in production environment, spectrum analyzer, RF heads, 2G/UMTS/CDMA radios, rack installation, anything networked.

Experience May 2013 – Present
Systems/Network Administrator
· Monitor, manage, automate, and tune over 100 Linux servers + 400 other networked devices using Puppet, Zenoss, monit, and Splunk for 24/7 uptime.
· Prototyped and developed web application in conjunction with custom Python poller application for collecting configurations and various data from over 150 devices in over 18 locations.
· Designed and implemented fully redundant virtual cluster & hot standby servers for datacenter applications.
· Resolve network or systems issues on a daily basis plus automating software recovery and other tasks
· Administer over a dozen remote databases ensuring their overall health and performance in addition to configuring and monitoring their distributed replication.
· Deploy and monitor web applications in a virtual environment for testing, development, and production.
· Secure and monitor large VPN networks: overall bandwidth management, content control, and packet flow control (QoS).
· Barebones configuration and troubleshooting responsibility for IP-RAN/base-stations (Linux based)
Collaborative Partners January 2007 – February 2014
 IT Manager/Consultant – Boston, MA
· Research and implement hardware/software systems, which lower management costs and increase user experience.
· Manage internal hardware, VPN, network security, 30 end users, plus cloud servers and hosted solutions.
· Designed and implemented new Windows 2008 based network including new file server and domain controller builds.
· Planned and coordinated the successful migration of Microsoft Exchange from internal server to a hosted solution.
· Created intranet documentation server to promote self-troubleshooting and enhance internal content management. September 2011 – May 2013
 Freelance Web Developer – Boston / Burlington
· Design and implement small business websites using semantic HTML/CSS, PHP and/or WordPress as a CMS.
· Perform content and page analysis for search engine optimization with Google Analytics/Webmaster tools according to client needs and requests.
· Configure cloud Linux installations with nginx/Apache for best website performance/security in conjunction with CloudFlare.
· Develop custom applications using PHP and Perl


Wentworth Institute of TechnologyBoston, MA
September 2007 – December 2011
 Bachelor of Science – Computer Networking & Information Systems